Pick Guitar Volume: 1 This tutor book is written for the young beginner and includes well known melodies and simple chords to encourage the student to learn quickly.

Each piece has an accompaniment part for the teacher, a notation and tablature stave as well as a CD master/backing track of all the pieces. Price 9.95 + 1.50 p&p


Pick Guitar: Volume 2 This tutor book is written for beginners of all age groups. The studies at the beginning of the book are for melody and chords so the student learns what it’s like to play in a band straight away. The second part of the tutor book explains how to play solo, mixing chords and melodies taking the student through grade one and two levels.

There is a notation and tablature stave to each piece and an accompanying CD master and backing track. You can request a book in notation only, if you wish. Price 9.95 + 1.50 p&p


Pick Guitar: Volume 3 This book consists of solo pieces with Bass Guitar and Drums as a backing. The music reflects Rock, Blues, Reggae and Country styles and is graded from level three to Five. The basic techniques of solo and group playing are explained allowing the student to feel what it’s like leading a band. CD master and accompaniment included. Price 10.95 + 1.50 p&p


Pick Guitar: Volume 4 This volume is written for the student who requires graded pieces solo and ensemble for performance at grade six to eight level. The music covers styles in Progressive Rock, Funk, Jazz and Country styles with an accent on technique. I have seven pieces in the Trinity College Plectrum Guitar syllabus and six are from this book. Price 11.95 + 1.50 p&p

CD master and accompaniment included.

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